Scottie Dog Walks

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Mylo & Alfie took to each other like two peas in a pod, they are the best of buds, and love nothing more than frolicking around the garden or playing with friends, most weekends are spent with their pal Bruno where they end up shattered and snuggling into each other.


I have been working in the oil & gas industry for the last 5 years with my office based out at Blairs College on South Deeside Road, where I had an office to myself and was lucky enough to be able to take my dogs to work with me regularly. Blairs College has large open grass grounds and numerous forest areas which made it ideal for me to take them out to play at regular intervals, then back into my office where they would lounge and snooze whilst I worked away.


It was through having this experience with them most days at my work that i realised where my real passion was, this, coupled with the great adventures we would have at the weekend, led me to make the decision to leave my job in oil & gas and start up my own business, dedicating my love and energy to the things that readily give it back, not only my loving dogs, but hopefully yours too.

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"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you

                                  more than he loves himself"

Having grown up with a dog & surrounded by numerous friends and families pets, I have always felt a special bond with dogs, this resulted in me doing a lot of dog sitting and walking for residents of my village growing up.


Our family pet Sam was a golden Labrador, he was extremely good natured but picky with which other dogs he wanted to socialise with. I used to take Sam for long walks around the Monymusk area in Aberdeenshire whilst I attended school, always being vigilant for other dogs he may not get along with.


After buying our first home in Newmachar with my wife in April 2014, it didn't take us long to decide to get our first dog a month later. We travelled to Braemar to see a litter of Cocker Spaniel cross Jack Russell's

(a CockerJack for short) and instantly fell in love with Mylo.

Mylo is an extremely excitable happy dog who has bags of energy, loving nothing more than long walks in the forest or up hills, and especially his favourite game of fetching a tennis ball!


As Mylo turned a little over a year we decided to get him (and us) a new companion to keep him company throughout the day and frolic

Pitfichie Walk Mylo & Alfie Caring

in the garden. It was then in May 2015 that we went to visit a litter of Jack Russell cross Chihuahua's (Jackhuahua for short) where our new addition Alfie captured our hearts doing moonwalks on a table, we picked him up the very next day and introduced him to Mylo.    

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